Sunday, April 11, 2010

Australia Day 5 - Daintree Rainforest

Today we did a tour of the Daintree Rainforest, which apparently is the only place in the world where the "rainforest meets the reef". We took a boat ride up the Daintree River and saw a couple of real, wild crocodiles (although they were hiding pretty well). We walked around the rainforest a bit, it was hot and humid, but very beautiful. After lunch we took a swim in a creek running through the rainforest.

Most of the excitement came before lunch. Our guide thought he spotted some crazy bird and wanted us to see it. Unfortunately he was going too fast and got stuck in a ditch. The men-folk and I were enlisted to push. I'd like to say we single handedly got it out of the ditch, but it wasn't until another tour bus pulled us out that we were back on the road. But it was fun nonetheless … all apart of our outback adventure!

And in addition to all that excitement, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention feeding and petting the kangaroos. The place we ate lunch also had a small collection of animals including 2 kangaroos and 2 wallabies. It was cool being that close to them, but they were so lazy they barely got up when you tried to feed them. In any case, my wife was satisfied that she got to scratch one animal off her long list of "animals she must hold or pet while in Australia".

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