Sunday, April 18, 2010

Australia Day 12 - How much is that koala in the window?

My wife insisted that while in Australia she pet as many marsupials and other cute and cuddly creatures as possible (but apparently bats don't qualify as I learned the night before). She'd already gotten kangaroos and wallabies out of the way. Now all that was left was the koala!

Rather than go to the zoo, we agreed to go quite a ways out of the city to a Koala Sanctuary. It was cheaper and we got more up close and personal contact with the koalas. However it took us longer to get there and back, than it did to see and pet the koalas. But that didn't matter. We got our quality time petting and watching the cute little guys in the trees.

They are kind of smelly with wiry hair. Not so cuddly after all. That didn't matter to a certain someone. 

That night we took a ferry to Manly Beach for dinner and a nice stroll along the beach. It was a low key end to our Australian Adventure!

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