Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Australia Day 1 - I know what hell is

My wife/blog editor has suggested I cut out the rants and hellish description of our flights to Australia from my first draft of this blog entry. So I'll leave it at this … we had 3 flights (Houston-Honolulu, Honolulu-Guam, Guam-Cairns) totaling ~22 hours of flight time sitting in coach. I believe that has to equate to one of Dante's 9 Circles of Hell (and if not it should be).

We booked those flights almost a year ago using FF miles (it was a great deal that we could not pass up). In hind sight the money we saved on the plane ticket was spent later on our sanity. Bottom line, I have a new found respect for how big this world is and how far away home is from Australia!

We landed around 11pm local time and were in our hotel by 12:30am. Tomorrow we'll get to our home base for the next few days in a resort town called Palm Cove.

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