Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paris Day 7 - Heading Home

  • It's been a wonderful week but we are excited to head home. In that regard, this vacation (aka Honeymoon Part Deux) was a complete success. We came, we saw, we would love to come back, but we're ready to go back home. We spent some time away from the normal paces of life and I got to spend some quality time with the woman I love. We've got lots of pictures and memories (although surprisingly we bought very few souvenirs). I'm ready to eat American food, drink a Dr. Pepper, and speak English (by the way, the wife has been great ... she took 4 years of French in high school and knows enough French to get by pretty well. I loved sitting back and not having to talk to ANYONE!). I'm also really glad to be going back to a "normal" schedule. My body clock has been screwed up this entire week. I really haven't slept well at all (I've never had jet-lag that lasted a week). Hopefully my normal surroundings will fix me up.
  • On a side note, we're in the Continental President's Club Lounge at Charles De Gaulle Airport waiting for our flight back home. I was getting some pastries from their spread and saw an older gentleman sitting down near by. He sounded like a nice retired person who spent some time in France with his wife (perhaps for the first time). I came back a moment later to get a drink and looked more closely. His face and voice looked/sounded a lot like Robert Duval. The wife confirmed ... our brush with fame on this trip!  
  • Speaking of the Continental President's Club Lounge ... my wife travels frequently enough where we get the perks of "elite access" and the lounge. We've enjoyed it on several occasions and I have to admit the lounge is GREAT! I bring it up because I feel (in a very small way) like all these French royals I learned about on this trip. As best I can tell their only job was to accumulate and show off their wealth. They showed off their wealth by building huge homes that also served to separate them from the commoners. That's the way I feel in the President's Club Lounge ... considering how crazy, loud, and uncomfortable airports are, a little "royal treatment" of comfortable chairs, quietness, and free wi-fi isn't too much for this King to ask for! :)
  • Finally, thanks for indulging me as I blogged my way through this vacation. It was fun having this outlet to capture my thoughts. I hope you were mildly entertained. Once I get home look for a blog post with pictures. 

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