Friday, April 3, 2009

Paris Day 1

  • The flight over was pretty miserable, even by my standards. We had a good tailwind that got us into Paris ~40 minutes earlier than planned, but we had to deal with 20-30 minutes of turbulence over the Eastern Seaboard. And for some reason the cabin temperature was at a toasty 60 degrees for most of the flight. Neither one of us got much sleep during the 8 hour flight. Oh and I also accidentally dropped my wedding band and nearly lost it on the plane. Not a good start ...
  • Getting to the hotel was surprisingly uneventful (i.e. we didn't get lost). The weather was cool and foggy (felt like London). Regardless we were excited to be in Paris, despite our extreme case of sleep depravation.
  • After dropping off the luggage at the hotel we walked across the street and took in the Louvre. This was a calculated move. We know we are not "museum people" and we knew we'd have to kill time before we could get into our hotel room.
  • The Louvre was phenomenal! Huge, beautiful, breathtaking, awe-inspiring ... these are all appropriate adjectives. But after 2.5 hours we were dead tired. We probably only saw a third of the artwork there (and most of that was "drive-by looking" ... like I said, not big museum people). It's virtually impossible to take in the entire Louvre in 1 day (and we weren't interested in trying anyway). Thankfully our room was available and we were able to get a much needed power nap before heading to dinner. By the way, the Mona Lisa is pretty unspectacular. I had heard as much from friends, but at least I can now say I've seen the Mona Lisa (for whatever that's worth).
  • The wife made dinner reservations ahead of time at an upscale restaurant. It was the most expensive dinner I've ever had (we splurged since it was technically "honeymoon part deux"). However it was ridiculously good and we were ridiculously full ... so it was worth it (although I don't want to make a habit of have a dinner this expensive for the rest of the trip!). 
  • On the way back to the hotel we strolled the Champs Elysees and stopped by the Arc de Triomphe. The wife was giddy at a 2 story Louis Vuitton store. The Arc de Triomphe wasn't lit up as I expected, but it was still very impressive. We didn't feel like paying to go on top, so we admired it from street level and returned to the hotel for a well deserved night's sleep.

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