Monday, April 6, 2009

Paris Day 4

  • Sunday night I broke down and paid a king's ransom to get Internet in our hotel room for 1 night. I'm glad we did because it saved us an unnecessary trip to Versailles. This was supposed to be for our trip to Versailles until I saw that it is closed on Mondays. A big surprise and a big let down for the wife. 
  • We scrambled to find a last minute replacement of something to see/do ... we saw Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie. These are in the Palais de Justice which is the site of an old palace, but is now primarily government buildings. The Conciergerie used to be part of the original palace but was converted into a prison during the French Revolution (famous for housing Marie Antionette before her beheading). Sainte Chapelle is a small chapel that was built on the premises as the private church for the king. It has some incredible stained glass. 
  • Afterwards we looked for Ai's favorite chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. Two years ago on our first trip to Europe we stayed in Brussels and we were told Pierre Marcolini was some of the finest chocolate in the world. No doubt it was. He also has a store in Paris and we thought it would be neat to stop by and get some more chocolate while we were here. We had already spent some time on Sunday looking for his store without any luck. This time we came prepared with specific directions. Low and behold, he's closed for store remodeling. Hell hath no furry like my wife without chocolate, especially after several wasted hours looking for it! 
  • Ai went shopping to ease her sorrows and found another place for chocolate. Meanwhile I sat on our balcony at the hotel reading, enjoying the good weather, and updating my blogs. Dinner was at an Italian joint. Good food but it was the first time on this trip where we had ridiculously slow European restaurant service.

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