Friday, March 25, 2011

New House - Part 3 - Break Neck Speed

When I last updated this blog, we were eagerly awaiting the new baby and were enjoying watching the newly poured cement foundation cure. We didn't have to wait long for either of those things.

About a week after pouring the foundation, we received this bundle of joy. And a couple of days before she arrived framing on the new house had already begun:

By the time mama and baby were discharged from the hospital, we had progressed to four complete walls:

Since then we've got windows, a roof, siding, and some utilities being run. The overall speed in which everything is getting done is great. But I can't help but be worried. Plus I had planned to capture every square inch of the construction with pictures. However I rarely bring my camera with me and I'm forced to snap a few pics on my phone as I stop in after work each day.


  1. Man, that was fast! The house is looking good. When are y'all moving in?

  2. Builder is saying end of May ... at this rate I believe him, but we'll see if things slow down a bit with the finishes.