Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas: Baby, Guns, Demo

This time of year is usually fun and exciting and Christmas 2010 is proving no different.

Ultrasound picture from 18 weeks
The first Christmas present came a few days early. I went with my wife to her regular Dr's appointment and for the first time I actually heard my daughter's heart beat in the womb. 29 weeks along and Baby Q is doing fine! The final 11 weeks will probably fly.

The next present was from me ... I am exercising my 5th Amendment right to bear arms. I bought a gun after much careful deliberation and thought. This was probably a more painful buying process than it needed to be, but having never owned a gun I wanted to explore all my options. I took it out to the gun range today with my brother ... not sure what to say about the gun other than it goes bang. But it was still fun to shoot. The picture is a running joke among my friends.

The final present came from our builders ... We got all our permits and we were finally ready for demo! On Christmas Eve a backhoe was left on our door step (literally). Today the actual demo took place. They let me knock down the first wall and I have to admit that was pretty awesome! After 10 minutes I decided to let the pros take it from there. Another 20 minutes and the entire house was down to a neat pile. It will take a few days to clear all the debris and then we'll be ready for the foundation. The "fun" will start happening fast and furious from now on.

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